We had two kickstart meetings today and discussed about the topics to cover and projects to work on. So, this is the initial plan:


We are going to build a number of small projects in June. Starting with:

  • Hangman: We built this last year, now we can build it better. It will use an existing API to retrieve random words and then the user will play. It will be implemented in both, plain JavaScript and React.js.
  • Sudoku: Will use a file with a million Sudoku puzzles from Kaggle. Puzzles will be loaded into a MySQL database and aPHP backend will…

{ ABC => Always Be Coding }


Programming activities for my students (current and old). Summer is a great chance to relax and recover from a stressful year - and academic year 2020–21 was really hard. Yet is is also a good opportunity to enjoy programming activities just for fun, without the fear of failure, and improve skills and portfolio.
During this Summer we focus on learning JavaScript, Databases, and Git/GitHub.


  1. JavaScript: Learn the key concepts of the language and build a portfolio of examples to help understanding how they work.
  2. Projects: Small and doable projects in several programming languages/frameworks (depending on participants interests), like Python/Django, PHP/Laravel…

Everything changes and nothing stands still. (Heraclitus)

So, want to learn and practice interesting technologies? Join Coding Society, the computer programming club of New York College for students and alumni. We focus on:

  • Frameworks (React, Laravel, Django, SpringBoot, ASP.NET Core MVC)
  • IoT and Automation (with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)
  • Data processing and analytics (with Python)
  • Mobile apps (Android, Xamarin)
  • Content Management Systems (OctoberCMS)
  • Security and Penetration Testing (with Kali Linux)
  • Open to new ideas according to the interests of participants

New approach:

  1. Community and discussions:
    primarily on Discord and Slack (ask for link)
    also on Facebook group
  2. Meetings:
    Society will be always ON…

Always Be Coding

Coding Society is a students’ club where participants take part in extra-curricular coding activities. It is open to New York College students as well as alumni.

Our main goal is to inspire and motivate students with several programming activities described below in order to gain hands-on experiences and also to have fun. The activities of the club suits better the Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computing students, however all other students are more than welcome.

What we (plan to) do:

  1. Build Full Stack Web Applications using backend MVC Frameworks like Laravel, ASP.NET …

Notes and recommendations for my students, inspired by “The Software Craftsman”, a wonderful book by Sandro Mancuso.

During advising sessions with students I found that many young people expect that their degree and GPA will open some door, good or bad, and then they will start their career based on whatever life brings to them.
Moreover, discussing with alumni I learn occasionally about professionals who are locked into some job they don’t like and they cannot see any way to get out of this bad situation.

There shouldn’t be a problem like this during a period where Computer Science and…

MacOS comes with PHP preinstalled.

If you use MAMP as a local LAMP stack you probably want to run MAMP’s PHP version instead of the default one.

There are many ways to do that but I prefer the following approach of setting the PATH instead of affecting preinstalled files.

  1. Edit the ~/.bash_profile file (or create if does not exist)
  2. Add this line (modify php version folder according to your preferences):
export PATH="/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.2.8/bin:$PATH"

3. Load the new PATH by executing:

source ~/.bash_profile

4. Verify that the correct PHP version is used now by typing:

php -v

which will display the PHP version currently used, and

which php

that will show you the path to the current PHP executable.

(NOTE: my PHP articles are mostly self-notes to remind me what I did, hope they might be useful to others as well)

By default Laravel Auth will redirect to /home after successful authentication. However, I wanted to create a custom login page and redirect to different URLs depending on the user role.

In my case user role is defined as an extra varchar column in the users table.

The custom login form uses the standard action:

action="{{ route('login') }}" method="post"

In the App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController.php I added this method:

public function authenticated()
if(auth()->user()->role == "admin")
return redirect('dashboard');
return redirect('/');

which overloads the respective empty method in \Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\AuthenticatesUsers.php file,

and commented out the line:

// protected $redirectTo = '/home';

Of course…

Enjoy your summer vacation but don’t stop coding.
It is important for all students to keep practicing whatever they learned during the Spring semester. Summer of Code 2018 aims to give you this opportunity.

Duration: 15 Weeks, June 25 to Sep 30

Schedule: Most of the activities will be online. There will be meetings at the college as well, days/times TBD.

Enrolment: No enrolment required, join any time you like and participate in the activities most interesting to you.
Open to all students and alumni.

Here are the activities and projects to keep you motivated:

For many years NYC students are building nice projects as extra-curricular activities, such as software, web applications, robotics, and IoT experiments. However, those efforts were not documented so far.

The purpose of this publication is to provide the missing link. We will add articles and essays describing society’s activities and anyone is welcome to become an author or an editor. Looking forward to read your posts.

Starting our Spring-18 session with some delay.
Meetings to be held on:
Tuesday 12:00 — 16:00 Amalias
Wednesday 12:00–16:00 Kalithea

So, here are the plans:

Git and GitHub

George Prokopakis

Software developer, CS instructor, Mac and coffee addicted

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