Coding Spring 2022

Announcing Coding Spring 2022 which is a number of programming activities for my current and past students during the Spring semester.

Initial plan:

  • Weekly sessions: focusing on problem solving (e.g. LeetCode katas, past Google HashCode problems, etc) and discussing ideas and technologies on Computer Science.
  • Projects: small scale, real world problems, aiming to examine some popular frameworks (MERN stack, Django, .NET Core 6.0, Spring, Laravel). It is important for the students to actively participate and contribute on the respective GitHub repositories.
  • Activities initiated by group members: students have great ideas. Many times they don’t present them for several reasons. We want to explore any ideas which come up during Spring.
  • Reading: In the past we tried to create a reading club with no luck. Let’s try once again. We will select books and papers, read them and discuss what we learn.

Progress and (hopefully) achievements will be recorder with the #codingspring2022 hashtag on twitter.




Software developer, CS instructor, Mac and coffee addicted

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George Prokopakis

George Prokopakis

Software developer, CS instructor, Mac and coffee addicted

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