Coding Summer 2021 — June

We had two kickstart meetings today and discussed about the topics to cover and projects to work on. So, this is the initial plan:


  • Hangman: We built this last year, now we can build it better. It will use an existing API to retrieve random words and then the user will play. It will be implemented in both, plain JavaScript and React.js.
  • Sudoku: Will use a file with a million Sudoku puzzles from Kaggle. Puzzles will be loaded into a MySQL database and aPHP backend will serve as an API at first, later the server side will be also implemented on Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Front end will also be in both, plain JavaScript and React.js.


  • Twitter Clone: Will be implemented in Python using the Django framework. The frontend can alternatively be implemented in React.js.
  • e-shop: Will be implemented in C# using the ASP.NET Core framework.

Git and GitHub

100 Days of Code



Reading Books/Papers

At the end of June we will discuss the papers and the book. We will be discussing them on Slack/Discord as well during the process of reading for clarifications.



  • Participate in Discord or Slack discussions. It is essential to share your ideas and findings.
  • Take over some requirement or bug of a project and implement it, then create a pull request.

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